Ethics & Integrity Policy


Effective date: May 21st, 2020

BM Castings works in continuous compliance with laws and regulations, performing daily work based on values and principles. BM Castings highlights commitment, honesty and ethics as part of its business philosophy. To prevent, detect and investigate acts of corruption in any of its manifestations, BM Castings defines this Ethics and Integrity Policy that applies to all its collaborators at any hierarchical level.

For our employees:

BM Castings encourages its collaborators to be role models with their behavior in any deal or negotiation on behalf of the company. We are responsible for preventing and prohibiting bribery or corruption within our operations:

  1. No BM Castings employee may pay, offer, or provide gifts, or any other object of value, to ensure the proper performance of their duties or, with the intention of obtaining influence to obtain a commercial advantage in the performance of these.
  2. Similarly, no employee can receive or request the payment of money, or any other object of value, from any person or related company, except for the fees stipulated for goods or services supplied to BM Castings and in relation to their performance.
  3. BM Castings employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

For our suppliers:

At BM Castings we seek long-term relationships with our suppliers, based on fair, honest and transparent treatment. We therefore expect compliance with the following principles:

  1. Be a legitimately established company that complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest with BM Castings employees when conducting negotiations.
  3. Compete fairly without offering or accepting bribes to obtain business.
  4. Do not offer BM Castings employees gifts unless they are promotional items with symbolic value, which are not offered in exchange for preferential treatment in any negotiation.
  5. Promote non-discrimination and non-violence in any of its forms.
  6. Maintain and promote human rights.
  7. Minimize health and safety risks, ensuring an environment where accidents and occupational diseases are prevented.

If you suspect any violation of this or any other BM Castings policy, you may inform our line +52-614-158-4724 ext. 4724 or to the email address [email protected]. Your report can be anonymous if you wish.

Thank you for your continued support.